6884 Embarcadero Ln, Carlsbad, CA

Call: (760) 301-6566



6884 Embarcadero Ln, Carlsbad, CA

Call: (760) 301-6566

Inside Out was founded on the idea that being injured, limited, and in pain is no way to live the life that you were called to live. When you can’t do the things that you want to, it affects so much more than just your physical being. We started our company because you deserve the highest quality of treatment for the one body that you get to live in.

We believe reaching your highest level of physical performance starts from within. It starts with a decision to invest in yourself. It starts with the decision to step into the life you’re capable of living – and all that starts with is a choice. A choice for a better life that’s not limited due to pain, injury, or anything short of the one that you deserve.

Our vision is for every single person to live a thriving, strong, and confident life. When you take charge of your health, your mindset, and your refusal to settle for average – you have the opportunity to accomplish everything you were capable of. Don’t hold anything back, you only get one life to live.


Dr. Dave Paczkowski

Performance Physical Therapist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist


Dave is a physical therapist, strength specialist, athlete, and founder of Inside Out Strength and Performance. Dave played 4 years of college football and later received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Carroll University. Following his formal education, he continued his passion for learning. He received several certifications and education in strength, conditioning, and performance including his CSCS, CF-L1, SFG I, and FMS/SFMA.

Dave’s strong background in both physical therapy and strength and conditioning allows him to uniquely blend the worlds of rehab and performance. He specializes in working with everyday athletes and active individuals that are trying to get out of pain and back to the activities they love. His everyday clients include runners, CrossFitters, powerlifters, and group class and gym goers just looking to look and feel their best.

When Dave is not working with the amazing clients that come through the doors, he enjoys spending time with Lindsey, a great cup of coffee, time reading and in nature, and working towards his health and fitness goals.

Dr. Lindsey Paczkowski

Performance Physical Therapist, and Pelvic Floor Specialist


Dr. Lindsey Paczkowski is a physical therapist, nutrition coach, athlete, and co-founder of Inside Out Strength and Performance. She received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Carroll University. She has advanced continuing education pelvic floor dysfunction through Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute and specializes in treating women’s health issues in women of all ages looking to stay active or return to physical activities. She has helped women return to lifting without pain, running without leaking, and improved core strength.

Lindsey has a strong background in athletics having participated in competitive soccer, softball, and gymnastics from a young age through high school. In college, she grew a passion for long-distance running and completed multiple half marathons and a marathon.

Since college, Lindsey continues to expand her love for living an active lifestyle and exercising such as weight lifting, learning to surf and kettlebell training.

When Lindsey is not treating patients, she enjoys sipping coffee with her husband, cooking healthy recipes for family and friends and being active outdoors.

You weren't designed to be injured or held back.

You were made to be strong and confident in everything you do.


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You weren't designed to be injured or held back.

You were made to be strong and confident in everything you do.




- Feeling stuck?
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- Frustrated and looking for a clear plan to get back to doing what you love?

You have the potential to get back to a strong and healthy lifestyle that will inspire those around you. If you keep waiting to take action, you'll continue to miss out on the activities you love most with the people that matter most.


(760) 301-6566
6884 Embarcadero Ln, Carlsbad, CA