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At Inside Out Strength & Performance we offer services ranging from hands on physical therapy treatment for pain relief to expert movement assessment and exercise programming to get you feeling and performing your best.

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Meet the Inside Out Strength & Performance team. Our skilled practitioners are here for you.  We are Doctors of Physical Therapy by degree, but we are not your average physical therapists. Our goal is to help you resolve your pain and get you back to your normal and active life the right way.

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At Inside Out Strength & Performance we do not require a referral from another doctor. Click below to inquire about cost, scheduling your first appointment, or to speak with one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy.

Physical Therapist & Owner

Dave Paczkowski

I decided to start Inside Out Strength and Performance after years of practicing as a physical therapist with a realization that the current healthcare system is broken.  There are several flaws preventing practitioners from treating in a way that can fully empower patients and create lasting and life-changing impact.

After working with hundreds of patients, and rebuilding my own body from the ground up, I discovered a missing link in how general healthcare is going about bringing you from pain or limitation back to full health and activity.  I found a system and process that has helped hundreds of people get out of pain and back to the activities they love most, and I’m excited to share it with you.

A change in healthcare is here.  We are here to give you an experience unlike any other clinic with results that speak for themselves.  Get ready to be the best version of yourself that you can be, so that you can live a life that you want to for yourself and those around you.






The Inside Out Strength & Performance Method


The first step to healing from the inside out is through identifying the key factors that are keeping you from being where you want to be. This is done through a thorough movement assessment to identify limitations and imbalances, talking through outside training and lifestyle factors and strategies to be addressed, and through specific and clear goal setting to get you feeling your best in less time.


We blend a unique mix of mobility, strength, prevention, and movement training to optimize your physical performance unlike ever before. We use exercises and movements specific to you and the assessment to leave you feeling better than you ever have, regardless of your starting point. This is done through both in-person sessions and through a clear plan outside of sessions to keep you progressing towards your goals.


We promise you will be feeling your best physically, but it doesn't stop there. Our unique approach guides you every step of the way, and unlike other clinics, you have access to your Doctor of Physical Therapy at all times for questions. We don't just get you out of pain and send you back to activity hoping you don't get hurt again. We make sure to not only get you feeling your best but to KEEP you feeling your best with whatever life throws your way.

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